ZsaZsa Padilla: The Divine Diva’s Journey Through Love, Music, and Family

A reflection of admiration and pride by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould, Editor-in-Chief, The Fil-American Post, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

A New Chapter in Music

It is with immense pride and joy that I write about my first cousin, ZsaZsa Padilla, a celebrated singer and actress. Though she has continued to enchant audiences on her regular show, ASAP, ZsaZsa has made a remarkable return to recording with her latest single, “Pag Tinadhana” (Destined), after nearly a decade.

“Star Records approached my manager last year about recording new music, and I was thrilled,” ZsaZsa shares. “When we met, we had a shared vision for the arrangement of the songs. I started recording last year, and I’m delighted with ‘Pag Tinadhana,’ written and produced by Jonathan Manalo.

The creative process behind ‘Pag Tinadhana’ was a collaborative and thoughtful journey. “My producer, Jonathan Manalo, asked me what kind of song I felt was missing among all the tracks we had recorded so far (this single being the sixth song). I told him I wanted a love song that felt natural and effortless, not contrived—a love that just happens. When he submitted ‘Pag Tinadhana,’ I knew it was perfect. I also expressed my desire to launch the song on my weekly show, ASAP, on my birthday with a live band. I mentioned to Jonathan that I envisioned the song with a horn section. To my delight, he surprised me a few days later with the addition of horns to the track he produced. I was thrilled! He even added more vocal backups. The song’s message, as well as the music arrangement, are all beautifully crafted, making it even more special to me.”

ZsaZsa Padilla’s Latest Song: “Pag Tinadhana”

ZsaZsa Padilla has once again captivated her audience with her latest single, “Pag Tinadhana” (Destined). This beautifully crafted song, written and produced by Jonathan Manalo, perfectly showcases ZsaZsa’s heartfelt vocals and the poignant message of love arriving at the right time.


Ooh, ooh  
Ooh, mm-mm-mm  

[Verse 1]
‘Di naman kailangang maghanap  
Tadhana ang bahala  
‘Wag madaliin  
Darating din sa ‘yo ‘yan ng tamang panahon  
Kay gandang pagmasdan  
Ang pagsikat ng araw  
At langhapin ang simoy ng hangin  
At sabayan ang sayaw ng bituin  

Pag-ibig darating din  
Ang awit ay diringgin ng kalangitan  
Siyang may alam, oh  
Pag-ibig darating yan  
Sa ‘di inaasahang pagkakataon  
Darating din ‘yon ‘pag tinadhana  

[Verse 2]
‘Di naman dapat mag-alala  
Tadhana ang bahala  
‘Wag madaliin  
Darating din sa ‘yo ‘yan ng tamang panahon  
Kung minsan taglamig  
At ang hanap mo ay init  
Sisikat ang araw at ‘ka’y bibigyan ng magandang umaga  
T’wing paggising  

Pag-ibig darating din  
Ang awit ay diringgin ng kalangitan  
Siyang may alam, oh  
Pag-ibig darating yan  
Sa ‘di inaasahang pagkakataon  
Darating din ‘yon ‘pag tinadhana  

‘Pag tinadhana  
Walang makakapigil  
‘Pag tinadhana  
‘Pag tinadhana (Siya’y darating sa tamang panahon)  

Pag-ibig darating din  
Ang awit ay diringgin ng kalangitan (Diringgin ng kalangitan)  
Siyang may alam, oh  
Pag-ibig darating ‘yan (Darating ‘yan)  
Sa ‘di inaasahang pagkakataon (Pagkakataon)  
Darating din ‘yon ‘pag tinadhana (Ooh)  

‘Pag tinadhana  
‘Pag tinadhana (Oh, ooh)  
‘Pag tinadhana  
‘Pag tinadhana  

“Pag Tinadhana” is a lyrical masterpiece that encourages patience and trust in the natural unfolding of life’s journey. ZsaZsa’s soulful delivery and the song’s serene melody create an evocative listening experience, reminding us that love and destiny are intertwined, arriving when least expected but always at the perfect moment.

Reflecting on Artistic Growth

ZsaZsa’s return to the recording studio is a testament to her artistic evolution. “Our goal with the new songs is to appeal to a younger audience while staying true to my style. The arrangement is catchy and jazzy, aiming to attract both new listeners and my existing fan base.”

Reconnecting with her music career has been a rewarding experience for ZsaZsa. “It’s exhilarating to have people play and request my new songs at shows. Creating the music video was also very exciting and felt fresh after so many years.”

Personal and Professional Life

For ZsaZsa, Las Vegas has been a significant influence on her music. “Las Vegas has been my second home for nearly 40 years. It’s the entertainment capital of the world, and I’m always inspired by the shows on the Strip. I make it a point to watch performances whenever I visit.”

Despite having a vibrant life in the Philippines, where she has a thriving career in entertainment, ZsaZsa’s connection to Las Vegas has always remained strong. She often draws inspiration from the city’s rich cultural scene, which has influenced her music and performances. “The energy and creativity in Vegas are unmatched. Every time I visit, I come back with new ideas and a renewed passion for my craft,” she notes.

Her personal life is equally fulfilling. ZsaZsa is a devoted mother to her daughters, Karylle, Zia, and Nicole. She balances her career with her role as a mother, ensuring that her family remains a priority. ZsaZsa’s dedication to her family is evident in the close bond she shares with her daughters and the support she provides them in their individual pursuits.

In addition to her music career, ZsaZsa is a regular performer on her weekly show, ASAP, which has allowed her to stay connected with her fans and showcase her talent regularly.

Engagement to architect Conrad Onglao has also added a new dimension to her life. Together, they have created Casa Esperanza in Lucban, Quezon Province. This grand, resort-type property spans 2 hectares and has become their “baby.” ZsaZsa describes it as a sanctuary or a piece of heaven. Casa Esperanza is named after ZsaZsa as a testament to Conrad’s love for her. They decided to open it to the public as an Airbnb, offering a luxurious retreat for visitors. “Casa Esperanza is not just a home; it’s a place where we find peace and joy, and we wanted to share that with others,” she explains.

Family and Personal Milestones

Family remains a cornerstone of ZsaZsa’s life and career. Her father, Carlos “Sonny” Dolorico Padilla Jr., is a retired actor and boxing referee and judge from the Philippines. He is best known for refereeing the “Thrilla in Manila” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1975. Celebrating his 90th birthday was a cherished moment for ZsaZsa. “He’s doing well and still exercises regularly. Turning 60 and having my parents around is a blessing.”

Her mother, Kating, is also celebrating a milestone, her 85th birthday in September. 

As a sister, ZsaZsa is described by her sibling Carmel “Lay” Padilla-Paternoster as very down-to-earth and extremely generous. “She’ll put you before herself, full of gratitude with a big heart, easy-going, funny, and caring. She’s not a big complainer,” Carmel shares. 

As a daughter, ZsaZsa is super reliable. “Even though she’s far away, she always calls my parents, visits as much as she can, provides for their needs, and is sweet and loving to them.”

Her other sister, Clarita “Bong” Padilla, described her as an incredibly helpful person, noting, “She has supported me in so many ways.”

Her family, especially her daughter Karylle, plays an integral role in her music career. “We have always had our own musical paths. Karylle is currently concentrating on theater plays while I’m working on my EP. However, my daughter Karylle and I still get to sing together and even record! She composed a song called ‘Simula,’ and we recorded a duet version of it, which is available on Spotify and other online streaming services. We also did a version of ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King, which is also available on Spotify. Additionally, we acted and sang together in a series that is yet to be aired in the Philippines.”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, ZsaZsa has exciting plans for her music career. “We have more music lined up for release under Star Music. I’m also preparing for my concert on October 5 at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre to celebrate my 40th year in showbiz.”

ZsaZsa is also looking forward to several collaborations and projects. “I’m excited for ASAPNATIN’TO in California this August and to be a guest in a dear friend’s concert, also in California.”

ZsaZsa Padilla’s return to music marks a new chapter filled with inspiration, creativity, and a deep connection to her roots and family. Her journey continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. She has brought immense pride and prestige to our Padilla clan, and we, her family in Las Vegas, cherish her dearly.

Fun Facts About ZsaZsa Padilla

🌺 ZsaZsa loves to cook and often shares her culinary creations on her YouTube vlog titled “Buhay ProbinZsa.”

🌺 She is a self-proclaimed plant lover and has a beautiful garden at Casa Esperanza.

🌺 ZsaZsa enjoys painting and finds it a relaxing way to unwind.

🌺 Despite her busy schedule, she makes it a point to stay fit by practicing yoga and Pilates.

🌺 ZsaZsa is an avid traveler and loves exploring new places, especially with her family.

🌺 She is super religious, likes to light candles in church, and prays for family and friends.

🌺 ZsaZsa is an avid scrapbooker and loves journaling. She brings her scrapbook with her on all her travels, documenting her adventures, including excursions and food tasting.

🌺 She is a prolific reader and constantly orders books.

🌺 ZsaZsa’s favorite color is fuchsia pink.

  • A special shoutout to ZsaZsa’s sister, Carmel “Lay” Padilla-Paternoster, for being a great contributor to this article. ZsaZsa is one of six siblings: Suzy, Bong, Soy, ZsaZsa, Lay, and Sonny Jr. While all of ZsaZsa’s siblings and parents live in Las Vegas, she is the only one based in the Philippines.

A Message to ZsaZsa: Celebrating Your Journey of Talent, Love, and Resilience

ZsaZsa, your journey is a testament to your incredible talent, unwavering resilience, and the deep love you have for your family and craft. As you continue to inspire with your music, dedication, and zest for life, we look forward to witnessing many more milestones and moments of brilliance. 

Your story is not just one of success but also of love, perseverance, and steadfast support for those around you. We, your family in Las Vegas, along with your countless fans, celebrate your achievements and eagerly anticipate the next chapter in your remarkable journey. 

With all our love and admiration, Your Family in Las Vegas

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Esmeralda’s talents extend beyond the media industry. She is a gifted singer and was crowned Mrs. Asian Las Vegas in 2014, embodying grace, talent, and beauty. Her multifaceted career and personal achievements make her a role model for many.

Hailing from the prominent showbiz Padilla clan in the Philippines, Esmeralda brings a unique blend of professional insight and personal admiration to her writing. Her articles are not just informative but also deeply heartfelt, reflecting her unwavering commitment to family, culture, and the arts. Through her work, Esmeralda continues to inspire and uplift her community, making a lasting impact in the media landscape.

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