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Marriage for Convenience

A woman finds herself questioning her marriage to Kenneth, realizing that their union was driven by personal motives rather than genuine love. Despite their whirlwind courtship and Las Vegas wedding, she now faces a challenging reality. As she navigates their unusual living arrangements and discovers hidden family dynamics, doubts and discontentment settle in. With the weight of her situation becoming unbearable, she contemplates the possibility of divorce as a means to alleviate her burdens. Seeking answers and a way forward, she grapples with the complex choices before her.

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Ehrlich Ocampo: Inspiring Hearts, Elevating Arts Shining Bright in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Ehrlich Marz Ocampo, a world-class performer and pioneer in the art of Leviwand, has touched the hearts of many with his extraordinary talent and inspiring journey. As a Filipino artist, he has overcome challenges and embraced his cultural background, incorporating it into his performances with pride and determination.

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