NADIA ARROYO – Faithful Luminary, Steering the Philippine Times of Southern Nevada with Divine Purpose and Community Harmony

Meet Nadia Arroyo, the President of Beulah International Corporation and CEO of Philippine Times of Southern Nevada. Her journey isn’t just about newspapers; it’s a tale that weaves dreams, challenges, and the joy of community connection. Nadia’s story is a fusion of media excellence, faith, and dedicated community service—from her roots in the Philippines to the vibrant landscape of Nevada.

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Revolutionizing Entertainment: The Visionary Behind – CARL MAGNO

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, innovators continuously emerge with groundbreaking concepts that captivate audiences around the world. One such visionary is Carl Magno, the CEO and Founder of, a trailblazing Global HD TV Platform hailing from none other than the Entertainment Capital of the World – Las Vegas. With a distinctive focus and a portfolio of captivating channels, is reshaping the way we experience television.

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