An Inspiring Interview with Congresswoman Susie Lee on VegasVibes Junction hosted by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another captivating episode of VegasVibes Junction, where we showcase the most influential voices and inspiring personalities. In this episode, we are excited to feature an exceptional leader, dedicated public servant, and unwavering advocate for the people of Nevada. Serving as the U.S. Representative for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, she has relentlessly worked to improve education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for all. Her commitment to service and steadfast dedication to her constituents have made her a beacon of hope and a driving force for positive change. We are proud to present the incredible Congresswoman Susie Lee!

Don’t miss our latest episode of VegasVibes Junction featuring an exclusive interview with Congresswoman Susie Lee! Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey in public service, her legislative priorities, and her unwavering dedication to the people of Nevada. Discover her thoughts on education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and much more. This conversation is a must-watch for anyone interested in the impactful work being done to improve our community. Tune in now and get inspired!

To kick off the interview, we engaged in a fun round of rapid-fire questions, revealing some personal insights about Congresswoman Susie Lee:

  • Favorite book or movie: “I just watched ‘American Symphony’ yesterday. It was incredible.”
  • Favorite spot in Nevada: “My favorite spot in Nevada is probably Red Rock National Recreation Area.”
  • Biggest inspiration: “My kids, my children.”
  • Hobby she wishes she had more time for: “I love to hike. I wish I could hike more.”
  • Historical figure she’d like to have dinner with: “Abraham Lincoln.”
  • Go-to comfort food: “Cookies.”
  • Morning person or night owl: “Definitely a morning person.”
  • Hidden talent: “I don’t know,” she laughed. “But I was a swimmer.”
  • Favorite vacation destination: “The mountains—anywhere where I can ski.”
  • One word that describes her best: “Hard-working.”
  • Alternate career path: “Maybe something in fashion or the outdoors—one or the other.”

The Journey to Public Service

Congresswoman Lee’s journey to public service is as inspiring as her achievements. Growing up as one of eight children in Canton, Ohio, she learned the value of hard work early on. “I worked from the age of eight, delivering papers and putting myself through college by working three or four jobs,” she shared. After moving to Las Vegas about 30 years ago, she dedicated her career to nonprofit work, including starting the After-School All-Stars program and serving as the president of Communities in Schools.

Legislative Priorities and Achievements

In discussing her legislative priorities, Congresswoman Lee highlighted her work on the Appropriations Committee and the Energy and Water Subcommittee. She has championed legislation to bring significant funding into Nevada, support affordable housing, and enhance healthcare transparency. Notable achievements include her contributions to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act, both of which have had a profound impact on Nevada by creating jobs and supporting clean energy initiatives.

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will bring about 150,000 jobs to Nevada, invest in high-speed rail to California, and improve our roads and airports,” she explained. “The Inflation Reduction Act creates thousands of clean energy jobs and brings down the cost of prescription drugs, capping out-of-pocket expenses for seniors and negotiating drug prices.”

Challenges and Triumphs

Representing one of the most politically contentious seats in the House, Congresswoman Lee faces constant challenges, particularly during re-election campaigns. Reflecting on the impact of January 6 and the UNLV shooting, she emphasized the importance of addressing gun violence and ensuring community safety. “January 6 was a turning point for our democracy. Being in my office for hours, afraid for our safety, and witnessing the attack on the Capitol was challenging,” she recalled.

Despite these challenges, she takes pride in her office being recognized for exceptional constituent services and her efforts to work across the aisle. “My office has been recognized as one of the top four constituent services offices of all 435 members of Congress. I’ve also been recognized as the most bipartisan member of Congress,” she said.

Education and Healthcare Initiatives

Congresswoman Lee is passionate about improving education and healthcare in Nevada. “On the education front, I’m focused on supporting students and higher education,” she explained. “The Pell Grant Sustainability Act will help students receive financial support without accumulating excessive debt.”

In healthcare, she has made significant strides with the Inflation Reduction Act, which brings down the cost of prescription drugs. She is also focused on expanding telehealth services, making healthcare accessible for those with transportation issues or language barriers. “We need to support our community colleges and vocational training programs, recognizing that not every job requires a four-year degree,” she added.

Engagement with Constituents

Staying connected with constituents is a priority for Congresswoman Lee. She spends time attending community events, visiting small businesses, and encouraging constituents to reach out to her office. She shared a memorable story of helping a woman veteran obtain a new wheelchair, illustrating the impact of her constituent services. “It’s these success stories that remind me of why I do this work,” she said.

Vision for Nevada’s Future

Looking ahead, Congresswoman Lee envisions a bright future for Nevada with opportunities for economic diversification, technological advancements, and renewable energy. Her goals include supporting small businesses, reducing housing costs, improving education and healthcare, and ensuring the state has the water resources needed for growth. “Nevada has a lot of promise, especially with renewable energy,” she noted.

Final Thoughts from Congresswoman Susie Lee

In closing, Congresswoman Lee expressed her commitment to continuing her work in public service and addressing emerging challenges through collaboration and problem-solving. She encourages constituents to stay engaged and make their voices heard.

“We’re here to help and to listen to your concerns,” she emphasized. “I believe in being a connector of people, bringing them together to see what great things can happen when we collaborate.”

Esmeralda’s Thoughts and Gratitude

From all of us here at VegasVibes Junction, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Congresswoman Susie Lee for sharing her invaluable insights and inspiring us with her unwavering dedication to public service. Her relentless commitment to enhancing the lives of her constituents and her passionate advocacy for crucial issues are truly remarkable.

To our readers, we hope this conversation has illuminated the impactful work being undertaken by our leaders and inspired you to remain engaged and informed. Remember, each of us holds the power to effect change in our communities. Stay tuned to VegasVibes Junction for more inspiring stories and influential voices. Until next time, take care, stay inspired, and continue making a positive impact in the world!

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