Pilipinas Update: Edgar Abalos Cook’s Inspiring Journey from the Philippines to America on FilAmTV Network

Edgar Abalos Cook, widely known as Ed Abalos, has made significant contributions to Philippine broadcasting. As the news head anchor of the latest TV show on FilAmTV Network, his journey is marked by dedication, talent, and a deep passion for journalism.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Ed’s interest in journalism was sparked during his time as a commentator on DZME 1530AM in 2018. His sharp insights and articulate analysis quickly earned him recognition, paving the way for a successful career. From 2019 to 2021, Ed further established his reputation on DWIZ 882AM with “Tambalang Magkukuyang,” a talk show that provided a platform for Freemasons from the Grand Lodge of The Philippines to engage in dynamic discussions. His warm personality and knack for fostering meaningful conversations endeared him to listeners, solidifying his status as a versatile broadcaster.

In 2022, Ed embarked on a new venture as a host of “The Gentlemen’s Lounge,” a weekend variety talk show on EURO TV. Here, his charm and wit shone through, captivating audiences with engaging interviews and lively banter. Beyond entertainment, Ed also hosted “Public Servant,” a program focused on interviewing high-profile politicians in the Philippines. As the show transitioned into “The Profiler,” Ed broadened its scope to include influential business figures and personalities, offering viewers a comprehensive view of Philippine society.

Currently, Ed serves as the head correspondent for International at The Cable Tow, a news magazine publication of the Free and Accepted Masons under the jurisdiction of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of The Philippines. In this role, Ed upholds the highest standards of journalistic integrity, providing in-depth coverage of global events and issues.

Sam Buban, the president and CEO of FilAmTV Network, has a profound love for news and current affairs. His vision for FilAmTV is to bring timely news from the Philippines to Filipino Americans, ensuring they stay connected with their homeland. Ed Abalos, with his extensive experience and commitment to truth and transparency, perfectly aligns with this vision. As he leads the newest TV show on FilAmTV Network, Ed continues to inform and empower his audience, establishing himself as a respected figure in both Philippine and international media.

Throughout his career, Ed Abalos has been a strong advocate for truth, transparency, and public service. His commitment to informing and empowering Filipinos has made him a distinguished figure in Philippine media and a symbol of integrity in broadcasting. As he continues to excel, Ed’s influence on Philippine journalism and society will undoubtedly endure for many years.

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