Johann Sayson – Unwavering Commitment, Dedication, and Love for Filipino Heritage on the Airwaves

By Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

Johann Sayson – President and CEO of PHLV Radio

In the vibrant heart of Las Vegas, Johann Sayson is no ordinary CEO; he’s a compassionate soul, a visionary sculpting a haven for Filipinos who find themselves far from their homeland. PHLV Radio, Johann’s brainchild, goes beyond the conventional radio station-it’s a sanctuary born out of his profound love for his roots.

What sets Johann apart isn’t just his business acumen; it’s his dedication to elevating PHLV Radio beyond a mere broadcast. Through collaborations with groups like the Philippines Nurses Association of Nevada, he transforms the station into a platform for advocacy. It transcends the airwaves; it becomes a vehicle for amplifying voices that truly make a difference.

Johann Sayson’s narrative is one of warmth, passion, and a profound connection to his community. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the soulful journey of a man who didn’t merely establish a radio station-he intricately wove a cultural tapestry, embracing Filipinos in a distant land with the comforting sounds of home.

Johann Sayson, the founder and president of PHLV Radio, embarks on a journey, connecting Filipinos worldwide with their cultural roots. Born a few months before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, PHLV Radio stands as a testament to Johann’s unwavering love for the Philippines, echoing across borders.

“Our mission at PHLV Radio is not just to recreate the media experience Filipinos enjoyed in their homeland, but to bring the heartbeat of the Philippines to the Filipino diaspora, particularly here in the United States.”

Johann’s deep commitment to his homeland radiates through partnerships with organizations like the Philippine Nurses Association of Nevada. These collaborations provide authentic and relevant content, fostering a sense of community and spreading important messages effectively.

“Partnerships with organizations allow us to deliver authentic content, spreading messages and promoting advocacies, especially for non-profit organizations. It’s about staying connected to the heart of the Philippines, even when miles away.”

His vision for PHLV Radio extends beyond entertainment; it’s about creating a lasting impact. With goals of expansion through strategic collaborations and creating new hubs, Johann envisions the power of media to inform, educate, inspire, and unite communities, all rooted in his deep love for the Filipino spirit.

“We believe in the power of media to inform, educate, inspire, and unite communities. The project will scale through strategic collaborations, partnerships, licensing, and creating new hubs. It’s a tribute to the enduring spirit of the Philippines.”

Diversity is at the core of PHLV Radio’s programming, reflecting Johann’s commitment to preserving the rich tapestry of Filipino culture. The guiding principle: content must add value to the audience, evoking emotions and memories that connect listeners to their beloved Filipino identity.

“The guiding question is always, ‘Will it add value to our audience’? It’s about creating a connection that transcends borders, bringing the warmth of the Philippines to every Filipino’s heart.”

“As the President of the Filipino American Media Association of Nevada (FAMAN), Johann emphasizes the organization’s role in amplifying the Fil-Am voice through relevant and effective journalism—a channel through which he continues to serve and uplift his fellow Filipinos.”

“FAMAN is engaged in the creation, marketing, and distribution of essential media programs, amplifying the FILAM voice by empowering its media professionals with resources and tools for relevant and effective journalism. It’s about serving our community, no matter where we are.”

Johann’s extensive career across the Philippines, New York, and Las Vegas has not diluted his love for his country. Despite industry transformations, his focus remains on understanding audience dynamics and relevance, always with the heart of a Filipino at the center.

“Over the years, the media landscape has undergone significant transformations. Yet, beyond the allure of shiny gadgets, lies a crucial principle: understanding how this evolution is processed and made relevant to a specific audience. It’s about keeping the soul of the Philippines alive in everything we do.”

PHLV Radio’s philanthropic efforts underline Johann’s commitment to community service, a testament to his enduring love for the Philippines. Engaging in charitable initiatives for underprivileged Filipinos, the station aims to inspire and consolidate resources for diverse missions in the Philippines.

“Our commitment to charitable initiatives, particularly for the underprivileged Filipinos in our homeland, remains unwavering. These endeavors aim to access and consolidate resources to be utilized by diverse missions in the Philippines. Further, it hopes to inspire. It’s an expression of love for our people.”

Johann’s passion for media and public service remains unwavering since 1989. His continuous quest for knowledge and exploration of new avenues reflects an enduring enthusiasm, fueled by the desire to serve his fellow Filipinos.

“My unwavering passion for public service, coupled with my love for harnessing the power of media technologies, has fueled my continuous growth in this dynamic field. It’s about giving back to the country that has given us so much.”

Beyond media, Johann finds joy in the Nevada Bicycle Club and his musical pursuits. Each moment shared through his talent is a proud one, hoping that the work he’s doing will have a multi-generational impact, carrying the torch of love for the Philippines.

“I sure hope that this work we’re doing, particularly PHLV Radio, and our minority media advocacies for the Filipino diaspora will have multi-generational impact…and years down the line someone/somewhere asks, who did this? It’s about leaving a legacy of love for our country.”

Johann Sayson, the conductor of compassion and connectivity, continues to orchestrate a legacy that resonates across oceans and generations. PHLV Radio stands not just as a station but as a symphony, illuminating the path of unity, culture, and service for Filipinos around the globe.

Harmony in Media and Family: The Inspiring Journey of Johann Sayson and the Sayson Legacy

Johann Sayson’s family is an integral part of his inspiring journey, weaving a narrative of shared passions and enduring support. His wife, Dr. Flora D. Sayson, has been a constant companion since their early days when they met at his first radio station in the ’80s. Their daughter, Jana Sayson, a journalism graduate of the University of Nevada-Reno and the University of Tuscia in Italy, not only followed in her father’s footsteps but has excelled, now being an Emmy Award winner and actively contributing to Gray Television’s ABC Station. Balancing roles as a CEO, broadcaster, and community leader, Johann seamlessly integrates his professional and personal life, attributing it to a “wholistic” approach driven by a profound love for the Philippines. A proud moment includes the nearly breaking news coverage of his daughter’s birth, as she made her entrance into the world during a news story with ABS-CBN in 1995. “She is now actively involved in media, having worked straight out of graduating in journalism. I’m always proud that she beat me to having an Emmy,” Johann fondly shares. “It’s a family affair,” Johann laughs, reflecting on the intertwining of his personal and professional spheres. The connection goes beyond shared endeavors; it’s a testament to the Sayson family’s deep-rooted involvement in media, with Johann proud that “it runs in the blood. It’s about embodying the Filipino spirit in everything we do.”

In Johann Sayson’s extraordinary journey, PHLV Radio emerges as a guiding light of unity, cultural pride, and compassionate service, even as Johann resides in the U.S. His unwavering love for his homeland, the Philippines, remains steadfast, fueled by a deep yearning to unite people, even from miles away. Rooted in this profound love that transcends borders, Johann shapes a legacy resonating with the essence of Philippine pride. PHLV Radio, beyond being a mere station, transforms into a soulful melody, echoing a profound affection for Filipino culture and heritage. As Johann directs this journey, each note becomes a celebration of our traditions, fostering inspiration, nurturing togetherness, and enveloping the enduring spirit of the Filipino people with an unwavering love for their rich culture and heritage. In every broadcast, PHLV Radio becomes a luminous beacon, proudly illuminating the diaspora with the brilliance of Philippine traditions, love, and identity from the heart.

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