CIRIMILLE PAGLINAWAN – Miss Nevada Regency International 2023, Las Vegas’ Cultural Dynamo & Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Photo by Robert Ryan - CIRIMILLE PAGLINAWAN - Miss Nevada Regency International 2023

by Esmeralda Padilla-Gould

Meet Cirimille Paglinawan, a shining star in the Las Vegas skyline, currently holding the Miss Nevada Regency International 2023 crown and steering the ship at CMC Boutique. As the only child in her lively Filipino family, Cirimille’s journey is all about embracing her roots, making waves, and spreading cultural pride.

A UNLV graduate with a degree in Kinesiology, Cirimille initially set her sights on a career in Physical Therapy. For four years, she immersed herself in the world of Physical and Occupational Therapy, starting as a physical therapy technician. She climbed the corporate ladder, holding four different positions, eventually reaching the pinnacle as the manager of Front Office and Patient Care Coordination, responsible for overseeing a network of 12 clinics.

Photo by Robert Ryan - CIRIMILLE PAGLINAWAN: Miss Nevada Regency International 2023

In 2021, Cirimille made a pivotal decision, veering away from the corporate path to rekindle her connection with her family’s business—CMC Boutique, specializing in stunning Barong Tagalogs and Filipiniana, traditional and modern Filipino clothing. The boutique became a canvas for Cirimille to weave her cultural narrative. Her parents, through their exceptional efforts, did an outstanding job imparting a profound understanding of Filipino culture and instilling in her the values and traits that authentically define us as a community.

Fast forward to 2023, and Cirimille seized an unexpected opportunity—the Regency International pageant. Winning the coveted title of Miss Nevada Regency International 2023 wasn’t just a personal triumph; it became a platform for her advocacy, “EMBRACING YOUR CULTURAL LEGACY.” Her goal? To inspire everyone, no matter their background, to dive into their roots and wear their uniqueness proudly. Cirimille’s story is one of versatility and resilience, transitioning from the healthcare sector to entrepreneurship and pageantry. The skills she honed in managing a network of clinics now contribute to the success of CMC Boutique, where she infuses warmth, authenticity, and a deep understanding of customer care.

Cirimille’s values? Think hospitality, hard work, and generosity—the Filipino way. She brings these values into the heart of CMC Boutique, turning it into more than a shop—it’s a cultural hub, where connections are made, and traditions are celebrated.

Resilience, respect, positivity, and dedication—these are Cirimille’s secret weapons. Whether running a business or rocking a pageant, being true to herself and her roots is what keeps her going.

Beyond personal accomplishments, Cirimille takes pride in two significant achievements. Firstly, stepping out of her comfort zone and pursuing her dream, proving that anything is possible with determination. Secondly, she’s become a powerful advocate for Filipinos in her community, amplifying their voices and breaking stereotypes.

Looking ahead, Cirimille aspires to expand her platform and dreams of establishing a non-profit organization, “Embrace Your Cultural Legacy.” Through this initiative, she aims to provide resources, job opportunities, and support to cultural groups, fostering a sense of community and pride.

In the heart of Las Vegas, Cirimille Paglinawan isn’t just making waves but creating a tidal wave of cultural celebration. CMC Boutique, under her guidance, has become more than a business—she’s not just selling clothes; she’s selling pride, connections, and a whole lot of inspiration. Watch out world, there’s more to come from this one-of-a-kind cultural trailblazer and a true epitome of a beauty queen.

Cirimille Paglinawan with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cirilo and Mila Paglinawan.

Cirimille Paglinawan stands alongside her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cirilo and Mila Paglinawan. The image not only captures a strong family bond but also signifies a profound connection to her Filipino heritage. Mila and Cirilo, with boundless love and dedication, have been instrumental in shaping Cirimille’s journey, ensuring she wholeheartedly embraces her roots. This heartfelt snapshot encapsulates the essence of family, identity, and the profound impact of her parents’ guidance, molding Cirimille into the proud individual she is today.

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“My message to others, especially the younger generation, is to embrace the uniqueness within you. You look and hold certain values for a reason – you are a gift meant to be shared with the world. No one can replicate your essence because YOU ARE YOU. Be proud of your identity, follow your dreams, and remember, the world is full of possibilities waiting for you.”

—- Cirimille Paglinawan