The Same Shadow in Different Dreams

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Submitted by Fred, from North Las Vegas:

I woke up one evening, hearing my son calling me “Dad! …Dad! …Daaaad!” He was in his hospital bed recuperating from urgent treatment. I quickly stood up and asked him, “What do you need, Jay?” He looked bewildered and instead asked me “Are you okay, Dad?” I was confused because he said I was mumbling aloud in my sleep on the couch of the room, angry and as if warding off something in front of me. I told him not to worry and I assured him I was probably dreaming about some action movie I recently saw. “Go back to sleep, Anak.” I said, touching his arm to signify it is I who should be watching him and not the other way around.
I checked the time, and it was too early at 3:08 am to be up and about so I sat myself on the couch and leaned my head back, pondering what I was dreaming about that caused me to alarm Jay. I closed my eyes and as I recall the last vision I saw, it was a silhouette of a man, with his hands around my neck. I was gasping catching my breath, and I tried asserting for him (or it) – to release me, but with so much difficulty, and at that point, Jay was calling my attention.
I felt creeped out and stood up to pace around the room. I walked towards the window and the dark, quiet cityscape seemed gloomy. I was restless and edgy, so I went toward the other end of the room, opened the door to get a glimpse of the ward hall, looked left to see more doors of rooms, and looking right, the nurse’s station as noiseless, not even a sound of anyone on duty who dozed off to rest. I took ‘half of my body’ back into the room, and closed the door, still restless.
As I walked back to the couch, I looked at Jay and I could hear a faint moan. I was not so sure if he was actually making that unclear muffle or if the sound was coming from the next patient’s room. I walked towards Jay to look and listen more intently. He was asleep, but I could really hear a very soft moan, so I put my right hand on his forehead, and he suddenly jerked to sit, gasping for air!
We were both startled at each other’s motion, and I raised my voice, inconsiderable of his condition. “What the ***… is happening?” As Jay was catching his breath, he said “Dad, I was trying to reach you from below!” He said his body was slowly being brought down or sinking, in what he thought was a grave, because the walls were soil and mud. He then struggled to get out of it, but a dark shadow of a man was pulling him further below. Then as he looked up, he saw me peeking from the opening of the grave and he called me: “Dad, help me!” but the shadow was clutching his mouth. “When you touched me, I was back in the room, Dad!” Jay continued.
I am sharing this paranormal experience my son and I had in this hospital. I think we had the same entity visit us both in that room that night, whether by dream or whatever way and it tried to get us both. We describe what “it” looked like to each other, and we validated that we fought the same thing. We helped each other, but it seemed more like we “saved” each other.
It is mind-boggling and almost unbelievable for two people to have the same dream, yet Fred cannot explain the true story they experienced. I think that in rare cases this can actually happen, but I believe there is more to this than just having a common nightmare to signify that it was probably not a dream (or nightmare) because at first, Jay was awake and Fred was asleep with a different dream, and Fred was awake while Jay, asleep having a different dream. The only commonality is the “entity” that attacked them both.
Let us conclude this paranormal experience with another unexplainable reality: The father and son bond, where Fred felt sure something was wrong as if having a premonition and could hear Jay’s moan and instinctively touched Jay to bring him back.

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