Nooooo, Papa !!

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It is said that we all have our mysterious experiences at some point and to those who believe in the paranormal, hearing these tales that are enigmatic and perplexing to cause us chills to the spine are fascinating enough worthy of telling.

From North Las Vegas, a mother of a 2-year-old boy when this story happened, Lucia narrated:

I grew up in Manila and most of the time, we slept in our parents’ room, between them as a child or at least in a cot beside their bed so that they could attend to us right away as necessary. Here in America, we are expected to separate the children in their own rooms.

One night, however, I took my son Leo and laid him beside me to sleep after my husband called to say he was to come home late because his colleague was promoted, and the office will be celebrating after work hours. As I slumbered that night, I felt the bed move and opened my eyes; my son was standing on the bed looking at me. I sat up to lay him back to sleep, but he said “Nooooo… Papa…!!“, repeatedly. He was very agitated, and it was hard to control him, moving his hands in a struggle and kicking like driving some evil force away, and as if he was telling me something. It was 10 o’clock in the evening as I looked at the time.

I was truly troubled not knowing why he was acting in a tantrum, yet my spine was chilling, and hairs raised as he looked at me in tears saying “Nooo… Papa…!!” over and over. I picked him up and called my husband, Jim. He did not answer his phone.

I finally pacified my son and laid him back to bed. I went to the bathroom without closing the door to get a glimpse of Leo as he slept. In less than a minute, I saw my husband sitting on the bed stroking Leo’s hair. I felt relieved Jim was home. After washing my hands and stepping out of the bathroom I said “How was the party?”,. Jim was not there so I thought he went downstairs. I followed him but he was nowhere in the kitchen nor the living room. Then I heard Leo crying and having a fit again, kicking and crying “Nooo!! … Papa!!”

Then to my relief, my phone rang and I saw Jim’s name in my phone, so I said, “Jim? Why are you are not answering the phone!!?” … there was silence, then a male voice, not Jim’s, said “Lucia?” … my heart pounded in fear and said, “who is this?” … he answered “Lucia, this is Stan (Jim’s officemate). I am sorry but Jim is in the hospital. He had a heart attack.”

I quickly took my son, got in the car and drove to the hospital. It was such a torment waiting in the ER! Hours later, the doctor confirmed Jim was going to be alright as he was brought in just in time for medical treatment. When it was alright to visit Jim in the room, he was smiling. “Thank God you are okay!” I sighed with relief. Then Jim said “I was dead, Lucia! I know I was, I felt my chest, I could not breath and I know I died. I was floating above my body, but I could hear Leo crying and I could feel him kicking my leg!”


How do you explain this? Believe it or not, it did happen.

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